Making the most of your planetarium visit

Here are some tips to get the most out of your visit to the UW planetarium.

  1. Ask questions!  Presenters love interactive audiences (just please don’t interrupt your presenter!).
  2. Want to really impress your presenter?  Brush up on a little astronomy knowledge before coming and ask topical questions about recent astronomy discoveries in the news.  Bonus points if you know about a recent UW astronomy discovery.  You can find recent UW astronomy news on our department’s home page.
  3. Please put your phone away when you’re in the planetarium, especially if you’re an adult chaperone. 😦  Texting in front of the young ‘uns sets a bad example, casts light into an otherwise dark room, and makes your presenter grumpy.
  4. There are lots of things to do on campus.  You may want to combine your visit with another activity listed in the UW K-12 resource guide.
  5. After your visit, print out a free star chart and enjoy the night sky.  Or, if it’s cloudy, check out NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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