UW Planetarium Open Nights



Beginning Friday, October 3rd, the UW Planetarium will begin hosting open nights. They will be scheduled, so you can check this page, or the twitter page for updates on when they’ll occur. The event page for the first one is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1502564589990101/ and is catering mainly to UW graduate students and graduate school alumni. The nights that follow will be open those who are interested.

The format is pretty open. One of our illustrious presenters will give a 1+ hour presentation inside our university’s World Wide Telescope-powered planetarium. The presentation will be up to them entirely, and they may decide to take requests from the public as well. Feel free to bring friends and/or family, as well as tons and tons of questions!

We hope this will be as enjoyable to you to hear about the Universe as it will be for us to talk about it.

Until then!


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