UW Planetarium Open Night Feedback

One of the guests from this past Friday’s Open Planetarium Open Night graced us with this wonderful feedback! With his permission we reproduce it here.


I attended the 8:30 PM session of the Open Planetarium today and boy! was it fantastic! I am really glad my friend brought me along and your narration combined with the 3D projections was a pure delight! Thanks man!

Before I go forward, let me give you a brief about me. I am graduate student (from India) @ Foster School of Business. I had a phase in life (Read: Middle and High School) where space and universe interested me a lot. I read a lot about various stars, their compositions, Stephen Hawking’s Brief History of time and Einstein compendium on Relativity. Though much of the stuff didn’t make sense to me, it was pretty interesting and it was fun. I, somehow, lost touch with this side of me and your session today brought it all back. It was a walk down the memory lane for me. I really owe you one for that.

I really hope we can work out a volunteership for me. What I lack in knowledge, I will certainly make up for that in my enthusiasm. I would really love to do what you did today in some distant future.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

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