Profiles of Astronomers: Charli Sakari


Keeping in line with firsts, we have our first post-doc! Welcome investigator of the stars, Charli Sakari!

Who are you and where are you from?

I am Charli Sakari. I am a post-doctoral research associate. I am originally from Springfield, OR, but I recently moved here from Victoria, BC, where I finished my PhD.


How did you become interested in Astronomy?

Star Trek! I grew up with Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I never really thought about it as a career option. In college, I started as an applied math major. We had to choose a second major to go with applied math, and I realized that astronomy would be perfect!


If you’re an astronomer, what do you study?

I study what stars are made of, specifically stars in star clusters. Some of the clusters I have studied are in the Milky Way, while others are in more distant galaxies like the Andromeda Galaxy.


What’s the coolest thing in the Universe?

Globular clusters! They are both beautiful and complex.


What’s the coolest thing outside of your field?



What’s your favorite non-astronomy hobby?

Creative things, like playing music and knitting


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