Profiles of Astronomers: Jordyn Marxen

jordyn This week we feature one of our eager undergraduates, Jordyn Marxen!

Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Jordyn and I was born and raised in the beautiful Northwest. My hometown for the last 16 years or so has been Bremerton, but I love being able to call Seattle my home away from home!

How did you become interested in Astronomy?
I fell in love with astronomy while I was still in elementary school. At the time I only recognized the Big Dipper, so one night when I saw what I later learned was Orion’s Belt, I began researching what I had seen in the sky and I haven’t stopped since!
If you’re an astronomer, what do you study?
I am only an undergraduate currently in my junior year, so I am just starting to take the core astronomy classes. However I am fascinated by black holes and nebula, so perhaps either one may be where my field of study ends up.

What’s the coolest thing (not literal) in the Universe?
I think the coolest thing in the universe is that some of the elements that make life possible are found in the cores of stars. When these massive balls of gas explode, they scattered their enriched guts across the cosmos and allow life to form!

What’s the coolest thing outside of your field?
My passion outside of astronomy is yoga. Both the physical and spiritual aspects have helped me in life, and have even deepened my love for astronomy and the inner connection of everything!
What’s your favorite non-astronomy hobby?

Anything else you’d like the public to know about you?
I really enjoy being involved in campus activities and community service. Aside from just being an astronomy/physics student, I’m one of the officers in the League of Astronomers (UW’s astronomy club), a member in the UW Naval ROTC battalion, and an officer in Yogis at UW (UW’s yoga club). My dream job is to be the first woman to walk on the moon, but I’d also love to just travel the world!

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